What is the Planetary Peace Broadcast?

A 24-hour global event focusing on three aspects of peace being produced for broadcast on the Internet, on television and radio throughout the world on December 21.

The Broadcast will focus on three themes: peace among nations, peace with the environment of our planet, and peace within each individual. The theme of peace among nations will feature the history of peace-makers in the region, interviews with current representatives of peace organizations from that area, as well as international organizations working in the region, who will describe their special areas of interest, goals, methods, and progress. The theme of peace with the environment will feature information about our relationship to all forms of planetary life. For the third theme, peace within the individual, excerpts from the world’s teachings and philosophies regarding inner peace will be conveyed through visual art, music, and verse from each region. The focus will be on the universality of the human spiritual experience for all races and cultures, and the common philosophic threads that weave through all religions: the father/motherhood of God, and the brotherhood and sisterhood of all people.

The final hour of The Planetary Peace Broadcast will be devoted to honoring the Creator. As a climax to the 24-hour broadcast, a 10-minute segment will be featured where all viewers and listeners will be invited to unite in common prayer. The purpose of the prayer will be to ask for peace among nations, harmony with our planet, and the spiritual growth of mankind. We will suggest that each person reflect on specific ways they may assist those on the planet who are without the basic needs of life.

This event will create the largest simultaneous gathering of people in our planet’s history, and is a means to spark an increase in global cooperation, which is the real focus of The Planetary Peace Broadcast. The massive group thought synergy will have an effect on the entire planet and its inhabitants. With enough organized human energy, we can change the course of human history in a way no government or group alone could do, and will show what is possible with global cooperation by ordinary citizens. That is our stated goal and that is what we believe The Planetary Peace Broadcast will catalyze.

To contact the producers, e-mail    planetarypeacebroadcast@gmail.com

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